Committee 2018/2019


President: Rod Bradley


Vice President: Ivo Ahlquist


Treasurer: Simon Fitzgerald


Secretary: Ray Davidson


Publicity Officer: Peter Cox



Ivo Ahlquist
Vice President


Ivo Profile Photo 

How long have you been competing in Triathlons: First Triathlon was in 1995 or 1996 - too long ago to remember ;-).

Favourite race:First Ironman, IM Canada in Penticton, fond memories.


Best race: Enjoyed IM Cairns for the most part, otherwise 70.3 Bateman's Bay and OD Mooloolaba.


Strongest discipline: Run and bike.


Weakest discipline: No weaknesses - just not as strong ;-).


Motivation to train when finding it hard: Life can be hard at times. Training is easy.


Why Triathlon: Seeing and feeling what the human body is capable off amazes me every day. Not a fan of doing the same thing every day - triathlon gives me the freedom of 3 sports, very versatile, very healthy (to an extent ;-)), lots of fun, you see places, meet people, great community and can be done till into the 80's (if we choose to do so ;-)).


The Club


The Eurocoast Triathlon Club was formed in June 2014 to bring triathletes together from the South Coast and raise awareness of triathlon in the area. The club is affiliated with Triathlon NSW and shares its' views of an inclusive sport where all ages, genders, shapes and abilities can compete together in a supportive environment.



rod husk1o1

Rod Bradley



How long have you been competing in Triathlons: I competed in triathlons from 1992 – 2002. During this time I competed in two Ironman competitions.I stopped while training for my third Ironman. Got in from a long ride, put the bike in the garage and it stayed there.


Favourite race: Foster Ironman. I did it twice. I also loved the local triathlons at Narooma, Merimbula and Moruya. I was race director for the last two Narooma and Moruya triathlons. At the time Moruya was the second longest running triathlon in Australia.

Best race: I came 3rd at Merimbula one year. There wasn't a strong field haha.


Strongest discipline: being a surfer I love the swim; the rougher the better, and I don't mind the bike.


Weakest discipline: running was always tough, being a big guy. I did run a 3.18 at the Sydney marathon many years ago.

Motivation to train when finding it hard: Hard, what's hard?


Why Triathlon: It’s fun and you enjoy it. That’s what it is all about!


Peter Cox
Publicity Officer


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How long have you been competing in Triathlons: This is the start of my fourth season. Started training in 2014 for Ironman Australia in 2015. Did my first marathon at 48, and my first Ironman at 55. Should have started earlier, but work and other life events happened first.

Why Triathlon: I just fell into it. I did marathons for a number of years, not real well, and not real fast. After I did the 2013 New York Marathon I thought I would retire from endurance events. My cousin mentioned that an Ironman triathlon is something that should go on the bucket list; started training mid 2014 for my first Ironman at Port Macquarie in 2015. Only planned on doing one, but the event and the support from people has kept me going.


Favourite race: IMNZ. A great location and a great race. The whole town of Taupo gets behind the event, it is a truly international race. The only thing that could possibly spoil it would be the weather, hopefully if I do it again the weather gods will be with me.


Best race: Australian Alpine Ascent 2017. This race is hard as hell, harder than a triathlon should be. After missing Cut-off Two by a couple of minutes in 2016, I worked hard to go full course the next year.


Strongest discipline: Swimming. Probably the only discipline where I am in the top half of my age group, it is early in the race, and you don't get too hot doing it.


Weakest discipline: Running. Too big and too heavy, and too old. Not a natural runner, and in an Ironman event after being near maximum effort for coming up to 8 hours, it's not the ideal time to do a marathon run.


Motivation to train when finding it hard: Triathletes are out there doing things that normal people don't do. I don't do normal!!



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